Mr. Brock

Mr. Brock transitioned to Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals Round Rock to receive care for necrotizing fasciitis, a severe bacterial infection that destroys the tissue under the skin. This infection attacked Mr. Brock’s right thigh.
When he arrived at Cornerstone, Mr. Brock was in severe pain and wasn’t able to walk. Despite the challenges, Mr. Brock kept fighting to get better.
As our Wound Care team worked closely with Mr. Brock to improve his wounds, our rehabilitation team helped Mr. Brock regain his mobility!
At Cornerstone, we believe that it takes more than high-quality care to make a difference for our patients. While in our care, Mr. Brock celebrated a birthday! To honor his special day, our team wore birthday hats!
Upon discharge, Mr. Brock was able to walk for more than 100 feet! We’re so grateful to help Mr. Brock return home to his family!