Mr. Shirley

At Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals Southwest Louisiana, we’re honored to care for our patients as we would a member of our own family.
When Mr. Shirley arrived at Cornerstone, he was on a ventilator and required a tracheostomy tube to help him breathe. He was confused and required assistance from our team members for his mobility needs.
Thanks to hard work and dedication, Mr. Shirley was weaned from the ventilator and able to breathe on his own again! During one of his respiratory therapy sessions, Mr. Shirley shared that his anniversary was coming up. At Cornerstone, we know how important family is to a patient’s recovery. With this knowledge, our respiratory therapist wrote a Happy Anniversary message to Mr. Shirley on his bandage. This message served as a source of inspiration for Mr. Shirley.
Alongside this respiratory improvement, Mr. Shirley worked closely with the rehabilitation team to rebuild his strength and endurance. Upon discharge, Mr. Shirley was able to walk up to 150 feet with a rolling walker!
We’re so honored to help Mr. Shirley return home to his family and wish him the best as he continues his journey with home health services!