Mr. Simmons

After spending time in the ICU, Mr. Simmons transferred to Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals to receive specialized care for COVID-19 complications. Upon arrival, he was on a ventilator, required maximum assistance for mobility, and needed a feeding tube.
From day one at our Broken Arrow hospital, Mr. Simmons worked hard with our team and was discharged to inpatient rehabilitation. When Mr. Simmons left our hospital, he was weaned from the ventilator, eating a regular diet, and required minimal assistance for his mobility.
After discharging from an inpatient rehabilitation facility, Mr. Simmons experienced respiratory distress and transitioned back to Cornerstone. When he returned, he committed to his customized treatment plan with the ultimate goal of returning to his family before the holidays.
Thanks to this determination, he was discharged to inpatient rehabilitation. Upon discharge, Mr. Simmons’ mobility and oxygen levels improved. In a recent update, Mr. Simmons shared he is now home! We are thankful to #MakeADifference for Mr. Simmons!