Mr. Talbert

At Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals Round Rock, our mission is to make a difference and deliver the best experience for our patients.
After testing positive for COVID19, Mr. Talbert began experiencing respiratory failure and was put on a ventilator to save his life. When he transitioned to Cornerstone, he was confused, debilitated, and couldn’t move his arms.
Despite these challenges, Mr. Talbert remained resilient and followed his customized treatment plan. Our respiratory therapists weaned Mr. Talbert from the ventilator and removed his tracheostomy tube! Alongside this respiratory improvement, Mr. Talbert rebuilt his strength and started to stand and walk again.
Before he was discharged to an inpatient rehabilitation facility, Mr. Talbert shared his appreciation for his wife for her ongoing support and our team members, Jessica, Case Manager, Julia, RN, Christian, PTA, and Roxy, PT!