Mrs. Brown

“I couldn’t believe the therapists had my mom sitting up on the side of the bed and exercising within days at Cornerstone. Our hope was restored!”
When Mrs. Brown transitioned to Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals to receive continued care for complications from COVID19 and pneumonia, her prognosis was poor. She was on a ventilator and dependent on our rehabilitation team for any mobility.
During Mrs. Brown’s evaluation, our Conroe team, with the support of Mrs. Brown’s daughter, Elizabeth, detailed an intensive treatment plan designed to help Mrs. Brown beat the odds.
After intensive respiratory therapy, Mrs. Brown was weaned from the ventilator. Alongside this respiratory progress, Mrs. Brown’s strength and endurance improved! She can now stand with a rolling walker, and her ability to perform self-care activities improved!
Today, Mrs. Brown was discharged to inpatient rehabilitation to continue her journey! We’re so honored to make a difference for Mrs. Brown and her family.