Mrs. Jackson

Mrs. Jackson was admitted to Cornerstone Hospital of Muskogee for continued care after complications from a coronary artery bypass graft surgery (CABG) led to respiratory distress. Upon transfer to our Muskogee hospital, Mrs. Jackson was sedated, on a ventilator, and receiving multiple IV drips.
During our evaluation, our clinical team collaborated with our physical therapists, respiratory therapists, and speech therapists to develop an individualized treatment plan. As part of this plan, Mrs. Jackson began our Early Mobility Program. After two weeks, Mrs. Jackson was weaned and required only room air. Days later, Mrs. Jackson was decannulated.
With this progress, Mrs. Jackson was eager to become more independent and reach her ultimate goal of returning home. For the next two weeks, Mrs. Jackson worked diligently to improve her swallowing and her endurance.
As discharge day was nearing, Mrs. Jackson was enjoying a regular diet. We loved seeing Mrs. Jackson walk safely with a rolling walker and spend time outdoors. After a month in our care, Mrs. Jackson discharged home!