Ms. Brewer

In December 2020, Ms. Brewer tested positive for COVID19. At first, Ms. Brewer attempted to self-quarantine at home, but quickly realized she needed additional care. Once Ms. Brewer arrived at a local hospital, she was diagnosed with pneumonia and spent 25 days in the ICU before transitioning to Cornerstone in January.
When Ms. Brewer arrived at our Little Rock hospital, her oxygen levels required constant monitoring from our respiratory team to ensure she wouldn’t need to return to a ventilator. With her oxygen needs in mind, we worked with Ms. Brewer’s physician to develop a treatment plan designed to improve her strength and endurance.
After 10 days of working with the rehabilitation team at her bedside, Ms. Brewer was able to walk to her door! These steps inspired Ms. Brewer to keep fighting to return home.
As Ms. Brewer rebuilt her strength, her oxygen levels improved! Upon discharge, she required two liters of oxygen via a nasal cannula.
We’re so thankful to help Ms. Brewer return home to her family! Congratulations, Ms. Brewer!
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