Ms. Gower

“When I take a step, I think of the dedication and pure heart of the people who made this step possible. The Cornerstone team believed in me before I believed in myself. It made all the difference in the world.”
In September 2020, Sam Gower transitioned to Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals Conroe after spending six weeks in a local intensive care unit with complications from septic shock. When Sam arrived at Cornerstone, both of her legs and her left hand were amputated.
Sam shared, “The care at Cornerstone set the tone for the rest of my recovery. Thanks to the rehabilitation team, within days, I was sitting up, transferring, and feeding myself.”
In addition to her improved mobility, Sam will always remember the kindness our team members shared with her. “Most important was the way they sat with me, they encouraged me, they listened to my dreams of jumping and dancing again,” said Sam.
Today, Sam is enjoying life with her husband and their young children. Six months ago, Sam received what she calls her “walking legs” and is now walking for miles at a time! Now, she’s applying for her “running and dancing legs.” Sam plans to achieve those dreams she shared with our team last fall.
“In the words of Maya Angelou, people will never forget how you made them feel. Thank you, Amy, Darin, Lauren, Rob, and Janet. I will never forget you,” said Sam.
We’re so honored to make a difference for Sam and share her story! She is an inspiration to us all!
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