Ms. Howard

Ms. Howard transitioned to Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals Little Rock after suffering respiratory failure from open-heart surgery. When she arrived at Cornerstone, Ms. Howard had a trach, required oxygen assistance to breathe, and a feeding tube to eat.
During the first three days at Cornerstone, Ms. Howard took her first steps since her hospitalization two weeks prior. Within nine days, Ms. Howard passed her swallow test and was weaned from the ventilator. She was so excited to breathe on her own again!
After three weeks in our care, Ms. Howard was able to walk over 300 feet! She discharged home to her family, where she will receive outpatient rehabilitation services!
Dr. Bilal Saqiq, Ms. Howard’s attending physician said, “Ms. Howard was an exceptional patient. It was our pleasure to care for her and celebrate the great progress that she made while here.”
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