Ms. Ward

“What a heartfelt and wonderful team. I’m so blessed to have met all of you. Everyone truly cared about me and celebrated all of my success.”
Ms. Ward tested positive for COVID19 and began to experience difficulty breathing. She went to a local emergency room, was admitted, and put on an AirVo machine to support her breathing. When she transitioned to Cornerstone, she needed maximum oxygen support from the AirVo machine and was limited in her mobility.
From day one, Ms. Ward trusted our team to help her return home to her children. This trust inspired Ms. Ward to work hard on her personalized treatment plan and accomplish her goals!
Upon discharge to her home, Ms. Ward was walking independently with minimum oxygen assistance! Before she was discharged, she wrote words of kindness about every team member who played a role in her recovery. We’re so happy Ms. Ward is home for the holidays with her family!