Ms. Williams-Ball

Earlier this year, Ms. Williams-Ball was in a car accident that left her with a traumatic brain injury, multiple rib fractures, c-spine, and t-spine fractures. After beginning her recovery at Lafayette General Hospital, Ms. Williams-Ball transitioned to Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals Bossier City to receive continued care.
When Ms. Williams-Ball arrived, she was on a ventilator and required maximum assistance for all self-care and mobility needs. From day one at Cornerstone, Ms. Williams-Ball’s family played an important role in her treatment plan.
Within a few days, our clinical team weaned Ms. Williams-Ball from the ventilator so she could breathe on her own again! With this respiratory progress, Ms. Williams-Ball made great strides with the rehabilitation team.
On discharge day, Ms. Williams-Ball was able to walk with stand-by assistance to greet her daughter with a hug! We’re so thankful for the opportunity to serve Ms. Williams-Ball and her family! We wish her the best as she continues her journey at inpatient neurorehabilitation.
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