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Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals Austin exists to care for patients in need of intensive and specialized care. Designed as a bridge in the continuum of care, patients who transition to Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals from a traditional hospital/short term acute care hospital receive a customized treatment plan from a dedicated team. With a connection from the heart, we’re focused on empowering our patients to achieve their goals.

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Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals Austin is recognized as a Center of Excellence in Long-Term Acute Care and A Center of Excellence in Respiratory Therapy by the Center for Improvement in Healthcare Quality.

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Our Specialized Programs

Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals offer the following types of care:


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Critical Care Program

The Critical Care Program focuses on patients who have developed additional health concerns while recovering in the ICU. Our interdisciplinary team and physicians are skilled in developing customized care plans for patients who may have developed muscle weakness, sepsis, difficulty with daily living skills, mobility, cognitive dysfunction, or other issues. Alongside family involvement, our interdisciplinary care team works collaboratively to set realistic goals and strives to deliver optimal outcomes in a high-quality, safe, and caring environment.


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Pulmonary Program

Our Pulmonary Program addresses the cardiopulmonary medical needs of patients recovering from respiratory challenges. This program encompasses supplemental oxygen therapies, complex ventilator management, and aggressive weaning protocols. Led by physicians who specialize in critical care, the core of this program is rooted in understanding the tools needed to improve respiratory function with a focus on early mobility.


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Medically Complex Program

Our Medically Complex Program tailors to patients diagnosed with multiple complex medical conditions. Through a customized treatment plan comprised of intensive care nursing and rehabilitation therapies, we remain dedicated to empowering patients to accomplish their goals. Aspects of this program may include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, respiratory therapy, nutrition, medication management, wound care, and dialysis.


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Infectious Disease Program

The Infectious Disease Program exists to care for patients who have become ill after contracting an infectious disease, including COVID-19 and antibiotic resistant infections. Our specialized interdisciplinary care team strives to reduce or eliminate the infection through intravenous antibiotic therapy and other required medication management.


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Brain Injury Rehabilitation and Support Program

Cornerstone Austin’s Comprehensive Brain Injury Rehabilitation and Support Program provides a full continuum of services to treat patients who have experienced a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or non-traumatic brain injury. We seek to stabilize and improve medical conditions while simultaneously performing aggressive rehabilitation. This program allows specialists to begin treatment early for patients with complex brain injuries and to address secondary complications resulting from the injury.


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Wound Care Program

Our Wound Care Program provides patients who have developed severe wounds with a specialized recovery plan. After an evaluation, our interdisciplinary team sets a plan of action in hopes of healing the wound and improving a patient’s quality of life.


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Physical Rehabilitation Program

Our Physical Rehabilitation Program serves as an integral point of our care. Through customized treatment plans, patients receive goals optimized to rebuild their strength and endurance. In this program, patients focus on mobility, self-care, and occupational therapy, in hopes of regaining their independence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I receive care at Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals?

Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals provide care for those who are ready to be discharged from a general acute care hospital, but require an additional extended period of intensive medical care before they are ready to return home. Treatment and care is designed to bridge the gap between the acute care hospital and home.

Are Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals and nursing homes the same?

No. Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals are licensed and certified as acute care hospitals designed for patients suffering from critical illness, injury or chronic conditions that require an extended period of intensive medical care. Nursing homes are not licensed hospitals and are therefore not equipped to provide the intensive medical care, comprehensive care team and daily physician visits available at Cornerstone.

How are Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals different from general acute care hospitals?

General acute care hospitals focus on caring for patients with acute conditions that can be resolved over a short period of time. By contrast, Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals are designed for patients suffering from critical illness, injury or chronic conditions that require an extended period of acute intensive medical care.

Why do patients and families choose Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals?

Patients and their loved ones come to Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals for our commitment to patient experience and clinical outcomes. Our interdisciplinary teams strive to provide superior patient care and to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our patients.

How can I get treatment at Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals?

Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals admit patients seven days a week as referred by physicians or case managers at an acute care hospital or other healthcare facility (such as a rehabilitation facility, nursing home, etc.). All referrals are evaluated by clinically trained healthcare professionals prior to admission.

Is my care covered by my health benefit plan or by Medicare?

In cases where a Cornerstone Specialty Hospital services are deemed medically appropriate by your physician, we can assist you and your doctor in appealing to your insurance provider. However, the final decision as far as health plan medical necessity typically rests with your plan provider.

Can Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals care for the needs of the medically complex and highly acute patient?

Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals are staffed with Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) caregivers who are trained to treat the most medically complex patients. Our interdisciplinary clinical teams are directed by physicians and include specialized healthcare professionals involved in all aspects of a patient’s care.

What types of patients can benefit from a Cornerstone Specialty Hospital?

Patients are admitted to a Cornerstone Specialty Hospital with a variety of medical conditions, including but not limited to:

  • Respiratory
  • Wound Care
  • Critical Conditions, including multiple system failure, pre and post-operative organ transplant care and post-surgery with complications
  • Cardiac and Heart Conditions
  • Kidney and Renal Concerns
  • Gastrointestinal and Stomach Conditions
  • Infectious Disease
  • Neurological Disorders
  • Rehabilitation

Do Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals offer critical and intensive care?

Yes. Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals are equipped with Intensive Care Units (“ICUs”) or High Intensive Units (“HIUs) where intensive, round‐the‐clock treatment is provided to the most medically complex patients.

Who will be caring for me or my loved one?

Patients have access to members of their interdisciplinary treatment team each day, including their attending physicians. Patients also have 24-hour access to staff nurses, respiratory therapists and other healthcare professionals. Each patient is assigned a case manager to help guide the patient and family through the hospitalization and discharge.

Who decides the patient’s length of stay?

Case managers discuss a patient’s treatment and goals with the physician, patient, family, and when applicable, the managed care plan to determine where and when discharge is to occur.

Is nutrition part of your treatment?

Yes. If necessary. Patients may be assigned a registered dietitian who develops a nutritional plan tailored to the patient’s medical needs and personal preferences.

How often will a patient receive therapy?

Each patient has an individual plan of care. If a patient requires therapy, participation is based on the patient’s ability level and need. Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals practices early and aggressive physical intervention and therapy.

In compliance with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, price transparency information is available below.

Your out-of-pocket costs may vary depending upon multiple factors, including the specifics of your insurance plan and your individualized treatment plan. Please reach out to our Central Billing Office with any questions at (469) 621-6671.