Critical Care Beyond the ICU

Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals provide physician-led long-term acute care and specialized rehabilitation for medically complex patients who require additional treatment after a hospital stay.

Is a Cornerstone referral right for my patient?


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Next Level Care

Some of our unique care offerings include:


Centers of Excellence

Demonstrating our commitment to excellence in care, all Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals are accredited by either The Joint Commission or CIHQ, and most are designated as CIHQ Centers of Excellence in Long Term Acute Care or Respiratory Therapy.


Highly Trained Staff

Our clinical staff includes physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, rehabilitation therapists, pharmacists, and dietitians – all specialized in improving outcomes for medically complex patients.



Move Early Program

The Move Early Program incorporates movement as early as is safe and possible into the recovery plan for patients, including those on mechanical ventilation, to promote timely recovery.


Interdisciplinary Care Team Bedside Rounds

Our physician-led interdisciplinary care teams improve patient and family experience by gathering at the patient’s bedside at least weekly to discuss goals and progress, provide education, and answer questions.

Next Level Recovery

Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals helps medically complex patients achieve lasting recovery


of Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals’ readmission rates are equivalent to or better than the national rate1


of Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals’ rates of discharge to community or home are equivalent or better than national rate1

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of care does Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals provide?

Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals provides physician-led long-term acute care and specialized rehabilitation to medically complex patients.

Our care includes, but is not limited to, ventilator management and liberation, advanced wound care, and IV drug therapy, as well as physical therapy and speech and language pathology.

At Cornerstone, patients receive daily physician visits and surgical and specialist consults as needed, including general surgery, pulmonology, cardiology, and infectious disease.

We also provide access to services such as 24/7 respiratory therapy, radiology, laboratory and dialysis.

What sort of conditions can Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals treat?

Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals’ physicians and care teams treat patients with a wide variety of acute and complex conditions that are further complicated by the presence of one or more comorbidities. Conditions treated include:

  • Respiratory infection and failure
  • Heart failure
  • Renal infection and failure
  • Sepsis
  • Skin ulcers
  • Post-operative complications
  • Traumatic brain injury

When should appropriate patients be referred to a Cornerstone Specialty Hospital?

Because we offer ICU-level care, appropriate patients can be transferred to a Cornerstone specialty hospital while they are still in a critical condition. Referring physicians may have the option to follow their patent’s treatment plan at our facility for continuity of care.

Timely referral to a Cornerstone facility, where patients will be treated by caregivers that specialize in complex conditions, decreases inpatient length of stay while improving outcomes.

For help deciding if a Cornerstone referral is right for your patient, check out our Referral Decision Tree

How is care at Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals different from care Skilled Nursing Facility?

Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals, unlike skilled nursing facilities, are licensed as acute care specialty hospitals. While care at skilled nursing facilities is primarily led by nurses, the treatment at Cornerstone Hospitals is led by physicians who see their patients daily. Our specialized caregivers are able to provide medically complex patients with acute care treatment which many include ventilator liberation, IV antibiotic therapy, skin debridement or dialysis. We also provide radiology, pharmacy, and laboratory services. For more information on how LTACHs and SNFs differ, view this quick guide.

1. CMS LTCH Compare data: 10/2021-9/30/2022