Mr. Sicely

Mr. Sicely transitioned to Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals Huntington to receive continued care for respiratory failure. When he arrived at Cornerstone, Mr. Sicely was sedated, on a ventilator, and unable to stand or walk on his own without assistance.
Despite these challenges, Mr. Sicely was motivated to reunite with his family, friends, and dog. Our entire team collaborated on a treatment plan to empower Mr. Sicely to achieve this goal.
Our team members worked diligently with Mr. Sicely to encourage him to keep fighting. Thanks to hard work and determination, Mr. Sicely was weaned from the ventilator. He was able to breathe on his own again! This respiratory improvement inspired Mr. Sicely to push himself in his rehabilitation sessions. Upon discharge, Mr. Sicely was able to walk with a rolling walker!
We’re so honored to care for Mr. Sicely and wish him the best as he continues his recovery!