Mr. Smith

Mr. Smith was headed to meet his friends for a camping trip when he got into a serious car accident. As a result, Mr. Smith suffered multiple traumatic injuries, including spine fractures and left rib fractures. A portion of a fence post was removed from Mr. Smith’s chest.
When Mr. Smith transitioned to Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals Austin to receive long-term care for these injuries, he was able to roll in bed with moderate assistance and required a right chest tube. Within a few days at Cornerstone, Mr. Smith’s chest tube was removed!
With this progress, Mr. Smith became even more motivated to return home to his family. At the start of Mr. Smith’s aggressive rehabilitation plan, he was able to walk with a wheeled walker and minimal assistance. Days later, Mr. Smith progressed to walking with this walker and only balance assistance!
Every day, Mr. Smith’s family would drive to our Austin hospital from Dallas to watch his progress. Often, they’d bring Get Well Soon cards that Mr. Smith’s nieces made for him. Our team placed these cards in Mr. Smith’s room to foster this strong family support.
Upon discharge to an inpatient rehabilitation facility, Mr. Smith was walking over 1,000 feet! He was able to go up and down two flights of stairs and get dressed for the day without any assistance. We’re so honored to make a difference for Mr. Smith and wish him and his family the best!
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