Mr. Wilson

In January, Mr. Wilson, who is 27 years old, was admitted to Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals Bossier City to receive continued care for complications from COVID19. When he arrived, he was on a ventilator and required assistance for mobility.
During his first week, our respiratory therapists weaned Mr. Wilson from the ventilator! With this progress, our occupational therapist helped him shave his face so Mr. Wilson could feel more like himself and begin his rehabilitation journey.
In the second week, Mr. Wilson began to tolerate weighted exercises with light resistance. He continued to improve his mobility and was able to walk without holding on to the parallel bars. By the third week, Mr. Wilson was walking without any assistance!
On discharge day, Mr. Wilson reunited with his dad for the first time since he was hospitalized in December. We’re inspired by Mr. Wilson’s desire to never give up, despite losing a loved one while recovering from COVID-19. We wish Mr. Wilson the best as he continues his journey in an outpatient setting!
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