Ms. Oropesa

At Solara Specialty Hospitals Harlingen, we’re honored to make a difference for those who call our city home.
Ms. Oropesa, a local teacher with diabetes, transitioned to Solara Specialty Hospitals to receive continued care for an antibiotic-resistant bacterial infection of the blood and symptoms of a stroke.
When she arrived, she couldn’t get out of bed without assistance from the rehabilitation team. Although her treatment plan was challenging, Ms. Oropesa’s two-year-old daughter served as her inspiration. Through any adversity, she remembered her daughter and worked hard with our team members to accomplish her goals.
In one month at our hospital, Ms. Oropesa learned to walk again with a rolling walker for additional support! Ms. Oropesa is so excited to return home to her family and her students! She hopes her story will encourage others to prioritize overall health and well-being.